Medical Negligence & Access to Justice Conference, 16 May 2013, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

The need for access to justice for those who have been affected by medical negligence is essential but patients and their families are frequently left with unanswered questions and no apology or admission of liability from the healthcare providers. Legal action is often considered to be the only course of action in order to seek answers and justice but patients can be faced with a long, emotional fight to receive justice for their injuries.

AvMA’s annual conference in Dublin will this year examine whether it is harder than ever for those affected by medical negligence in Ireland to seek justice. Do current legislation, the lack of legal aid and the potential costs make it almost impossible for victims of medical accidents to bring negligent doctors to justice? Delegates will hear from legal and medical experts and patient safety champions to discuss the current state of play in medical negligence and justice in Ireland.

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