Patients’ Rights, Access to Justice and the Case for Candour, 4 November 2013, Morrison Hotel, Dublin

Access to justice is vital for patients and their families who suffer injuries or die as a result of deficiencies in our health care system. Trust is at the heart of the doctor-patient relationship and thus if a medical accident or negligence occurs the patient is entitled to be told by their doctor what went wrong and how it happened. Instead, what usually happens is that there is a policy of "deny and defend everything" and this corrodes and eventually destroys the doctor-patient relationship, causing more harm to doctor and patient alike. Where there is no effective system of civil legal aid for medical negligence claims, the patient faces a ‘David and Goliath’ battle

This joint conference hosted by Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and Medical Injuries Alliance (MIA) considers the barriers to justice for those affected by medical negligence in Ireland, the costs associated with the current system and considers a favourable alternative.
Delegates will learn that the case for candour is a compelling one.   

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